Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cayuga Shells

We did a bit of traveling around the local area this weekend, being tourists in our own locale. On Saturday we all went over to Taughannock Falls for the first time, which was a great location. Unfortunately a poor day for pictures there but still a beautiful set of falls which I intend to visit much more often now. Afterwards, we decided to head back home but since the kids still seemed to have some energy (even after a goodly hike), I took everyone to the Long Point State Park just south of Aurora. The park is great because it is right on the water and has a nice big playground. Rowan collected a handful of small snail shells along the lakeshore, which she handed to me for safe keeping. As we watched the kids play, I pulled these shells out of my pocket and set them on the old picnic table at which we were sitting. After a few minutes, I started to notice the light play across the shells as the breeze caused the branches to slowly move the area of shade around. That is when I started to experiment with taking different images. I played with the light and the shadows, the focus and orientation, angle of view and depth of field. In only a few short minutes I had a very fulfilling time just finding images and things of interest with these shells and the old picnic table.

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Jon said...

I like this photo. Good depth of field and lighting/shadows!!