Monday, August 17, 2009

Knight Fight at Sterling Renaissance Festival

This weekend we took the kids and meet some friends at the Sterling Renaissance Festival in Sterling, NY. We had not been to this festival before though we had attended the one in Maryland for over 13 years in a row. We always have a fun time. This year was extra fun because now the kids were old enough to enjoy it more too. Given that both of their parents are medievalists, it is no surprise that our kids love medieval stuff. One thing that we knew we had to see was the jousting. After a number of very nice passes with lances it became a bit more like watching wrestling only medieval style. The series of images here was from near the end of the melee, and I think they speak a bit for themselves - opening a can of whoopass medieval style.

Thanks for stopping by. I know this blog has been quiet of late. I have been super busy and have not even had much chance to get out shooting. Sterling was the first big shoot in almost a month and I hope I got others from here that I can share.

Best wishes.

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Howard Grill said...

Nice shots. Festivals like this are always a fun place to take photos.