Monday, May 4, 2009

Dunlop Tires at K.C. Rowe's Garage

I was out driving around a few weeks ago as part of my field research on the cemeteries of Cortland county. That afternoon, I decided it was time to head over to McGraw, which is a small town east of Cortland. I had been through McGraw a few other times but had not spent much time exploring. On this afternoon, the light was great as it was past mid afternoon. I looked down a small alley and saw a very cool Sunoco sign painted on the side of what looked to be a garage, so I turned and headed over to check it out. I try to make a point not to miss interesting opportunities.

On the front of what turned out to be K.C. Rowe's Garage, I noticed this very interesting sign for Dunlop Tires. I was really intrigued by the worn, rusty and red sign, the peeling green paint, the two toned stucco wall, and the light streaking in from some windows into the otherwise dark garage. To me all these elements added texture and mystery to the place and the image. I am sure other times of day with the Sun in another spot it would not have been as interesting too me. But the light and shadows from the late afternoon really brought out the elements that were there. I was just lucky enough to be on hand to witness it.

Shifting gears a bit (ok, bad pun), I went out shooting all day this past Saturday for a new local interest magazine that is just getting started, Lakeside Stories Magazine. I am going all the photography for the magazine and had a long list of shots I needed to get. Busy busy day but very rewarding. So I except to have some images from this day o'shooting to post over the next few weeks. Check out the web site, it is still early as we get closer to publication in July things will really start to fill up.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Like this write up... can't wait to see the pictures from the magazine. -Amanda

Anonymous said...

I keep checking back to see what's new. How are ya? We're on for Sunday? -Amanda