Thursday, April 23, 2009

Watch Out for the Woods

I came upon this herd of sheep while wandering the countryside the other week. They were kinds freaking me out because this group of 4 stood in front staring at me, like they were going to run over of start beating me up for taking their picture. The sky was full of clouds so I waited a bit until a cloud covered the woods behind them and made for this dark contrast between white fluffy sheep and dark pointy woods. It gave me a feeling of "big bad wolf" or something, which combined with the menacing sheep, make it even more dark. Well at least to me, but maybe I am just odd that way.

Thanks for stopping by.


Light and Voices said...

This is a wonderful photograph. I am glad that you had the patience to wait until the lighting was just like you wanted it. It does look like the big bad wolf is going to creep up on those sheep. Great job!

Beau A.C. Harbin said...

I agree and they are looking at little old me instead of the dark woods. But I guess without any real predators to worry about I was the only thing that took their interest. Best wishes.