Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hay Bale Gap in Cayuga County

The other week I went out shooting with a new friend from the area, Amanda. We are looking to work together on a new local interest magazine that is coming out and while I cannot get into many details right now, I am very excited about the opportunity.

On our wanderings around Cayuga county, we went back to a location she had scouted earlier to see if we could get some shots. I really like how this image came together. When we arrived the Sun was hiding behind the clouds, so we found a position we liked along the road and waited. Very quickly the clouds slid by and the sunlight hit the hay bales in the foreground. Within seconds it was gone again behind the clouds. We tried a few other locations up and down the road but in the end, this worked out best. Not only because of the light but for a few other details. When we moved, we ended up with a fence post appearing right in the middle of the gap. So instead of inviting you into the picture and to the barn beyond, the post stops your eye and the feeling of movement. The other element about this location is that the hay bales just touch the edge of the frame, but they are all in. As I moved this changed and other shots had them cut off. While I could have cropped it to touch, that is not as much fun. In the end, I like the feeling of this image.

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