Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hook 238

I guess it is time to move away from the sentimentality a bit and post a "man's" image. GRRRRR! So I present you a hook and a chain. Iron and rust. Manly elements all. Oh yeah, and I cannot forget to point out the very powerful #238. There is nothing sentimental about this image. I won't even try to tone it down by giving some long winded explanation about it. It's a rusty hook and chain on an old pile driver.

Maybe you will find more in it and care to leave your thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by.


John Brainard said...

You have a way of isolating interesting elements from large, boring things. This goes very nicely with the door handle you captured during our trip to Onondaga Lake Park.

Anita Jesse said...

Oh, dear, were you wearing one of those "wife-beater" t-shirts when posting this one?

Your funny commentary (especially the growl) started me thinking about previous posts, and how I had never thought of your photos as particularly sentimental. But, now, I promise that I never will. I will imagine iron, rust, tough titles, heavy work boots, and those big leather gloves. Just promise not to stop posting your kind of photos and please don't tone down your comments.

Thanks for the smiles.

Beau A.C. Harbin said...

Nah, not wearing a "wife-beater" but sometimes I wonder if my thoughts go to a bit of the sentimental/sappy. Maybe it was just doubt. Don't worry I won't be changing my style. Even this image I think follows my style. Wait, do I have a style? Maybe I do. Cool. And I will of course keep on doing my commentary. I actually learn a lot from it because it makes me focus.

Thanks Anita.

Beau A.C. Harbin said...

Thanks John. That is one thing I have noticed about my tastes is that I like the details, the interesting elements, the pieces. I love a great landscape but actually have difficulty in doing them myself. I prefer to focus on the turkey foot print in snow or a door handle or a crack in the ice. Thanks much.

Roger said...

ell, this is classic wabi sabi. Love it.