Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow-Covered Town

We had a nice extra coating of fluffy snow last night and then the Sun came out today. It was very pretty around here. I noticed a photographer out in front of our house early this morning taking pictures down the hill to the downtown area. I was quite jealous but I had to get the kids off to school. At lunch we walked down to our baker's for some yummy soup and sandwiches. Again I noticed how nice it all looked, but still I did not take any pictures. Late in the day, I happened to get distracted by the light coming in my office window. Finally, I picked up my camera and took some shots.

When I went up to the attic, I was surprised to find the window without any ice. Usually this winter it has been almost completely covered over, which has been disappointing since the view is pretty nice. I imagine that this view has not changed very much over the nearly 100 years the house has been here. The attic window is probably original and therefore is old and wavy. If you look closely you can see a number of spots where the window added some interesting distortion to the image.

My thoughts on processing this were to 1) run the high dynamic range stuff and then 2) give it an old time feel.

In other news, my camera's "odometer" clicked over today. The last time it did that was 4/1/08, which means that it was a fairly slow year for me. I hope to roll this over again faster than 10 months in 2009.

Image of the day: View from the Past

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Light and Voices said...

This is your BEST photograph yet!

Beau A.C. Harbin said...

Wow! Glad you like it. I do too. :-) Thanks much

John Brainard said...

That's a great photo, Beau.... How many stories do you have in your house that you can get such great views from your attic?

Beau A.C. Harbin said...

Our house is two stories but the attic is pretty big too. We are up on College Hill so we have a nice view down the hill into town and the farms in the distance.

Chris Couse said...

That is a tremendous shot !