Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Metropolitan Block

While in Alexandria back in early January, I had the opportunity to hit one of my favorite spots, the Washington Sailing Marina. This time the tide was out pretty far, so I decided to wander along the shores of the Potomac. I was struck by the vast quantities of old bricks and parts of walls that lay along the shore. Some had very interesting names and other things stamped into them, not like our industrial blank modern bricks. I decided to try to get some shots of these various kinds of bricks. I remember seeing a show about a guy whose passion is collecting old bricks.

As you might have noticed, I am working on some new branding for my site. I think I have settled on this logo and color scheme, but I am still not sure. What are your thoughts on this?

Image of the Day: First Look at Night

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Howard Grill said...

I like the font and color of lettering and the grey box for the logo...not sure about the logo itself though in regards to the backwards B

John Brainard said...

I really like that photo. It's amazing the variety of colors you were able to capture in this photo. Also, the lighting works perfectly as it highlights the brick and fades off in the background.

I'm looking forward to watching you work when we get together.

Anita Jesse said...

What a snazzy new look. You are going to shame me into updating my blog. I also like the photo of the bricks.

Mark said...

I know a couple people that collect bricks, especially from some of the old buildings here in Detroit where they seem to always be in a state of demolition.

Logo looks good - I always struggled with the right amount of opacity with mine - needs to be visible but not a distraction.