Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Spike

One of our recent late afternoons, the Sun broke through the clouds in a brilliant clear way that you only seem to get in winter. I ran through the house looking for various shots to try because I really like the view of downtown Cortland with the hills in the background. The attic window was iced over so I tried our bedroom window. The ice spike was an added bonus and frankly I am not sure I would have taken the shot without it.

Coming from VA, we never had icicles like we get here in CNY. I cannot recall that we ever had them since it just did not stay cold long enough for them to really get going. This winter we have had them all over and some have been quite large. The snow has not yet gotten old for us. We still enjoy it and it really makes for a beautiful view. We had quite a snow today. I finally had to get out there and clear off our driveway (had been only keeping a small part of it clear since we returned from vacation). I spent 30 minutes this morning and an hour this even snowblowing in order to get the driveway and walks clear. Nice exercise and I have to say it was fun. Felt good.

I think I have finally settled on some branding. I got some good feedback on my first attempt and feel this works better for me. This seems to work for me as it ties my interests in photography (shooter) with my years studying medieval history (archer) into something that is different. I really did not want a logo with a camera. Let me know what you think.

Things are crazy at work but I will keep on posting as often as I can.

Image of the day: Freezing Mist

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Light and Voices said...

Whoa....that icicle is gigantor! Agreed, wouldn't have taken shot without the icicle. Subject makes or breaks the image. And so it is a great shot. Keep on shooting and posting.

Beau A.C. Harbin said...

Thanks very much Joyce.