Saturday, December 20, 2008

Farm Trailers in the Snow

On the way home from a shopping trip to Syracuse, I noticed the sun was finally starting to poke out from behind the thick cloud bank we had been under for a few days. As we got closer to home, the clouds parted and the warm late afternoon sun shone bright. I took a quick detour and headed up one of the hills around town where I knew the sun would be lighting up. What I was not sure about was if there was anything to really shoot up there. Bare trees, empty fields and snow is not really interesting but hey sometimes you just have to go see. When we got up there (I was dragging my wife along), there was a half harvested corn field and these trailers for hauling the corn. I had a great 10-15 minutes exploring the area while the sun light up the hill in that bright orange light of late afternoon.

I like this image because of the cool feeling of the snow and yet the warmth of the orange rusting paint combined with the late afternoon light. I also like the depth and glimpses of the corn field, other farm equipment, and the blue sky with clouds.

Within about 5 minutes of taking this image, the sun had dipped behind the trees and the light was gone. It was very interesting to see the change happen. Glad I took the detour.

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