Friday, November 14, 2008

Semi-Circle Cave

I guess it was a time to break a bit from all the pretty scenery, at least for a day. This image appeals to me because of the strong shapes and lines which are counteracted by the soft puffiness of the clouds. I thought about trying to take this more straight on to the opening but then I would have lost the shadows to a large extent. I like the small rounded piece of light in the corner with the lines of in the cave showing up just a bit. These lines seem to work nicely as a counterpoint to the strong horizontal lines of the brickwork. The series of vertical bricks and the top of the wall work together to frame the opening. All this strength and monochromatic look of the wall and cave seems to be well countered by the competing monochromatic but soft look of the clouds. I also feel the picture is in balance because of the two thirds sky and one third building. The building is the bottom, which puts the weight in the right spot. The opening is lined up centered left to right and just about top to bottom. I also think the gap of blue between the building and the clouds is needed to give each some space and not make it crowded.

Ok, ok. Enough already.

Most of this description was to help me put into words why I was drawn to this image. I am reading George Barr's Take Your Photography to the Next Level and these sorts of exercises are in there. It does help to think things through more deeply to see what we are attracted to and why.

So what is this a picture of? This is the entrance to our local Tops grocery store. Just below the opening in the wall is the entrance into the store. So this is just there to let some light in and give some architectural detail to what would otherwise be blank. I took this while sitting in the car waiting for my wife to come back out (kids were asleep in their seats). This is a high dynamic range image bracketing +/- 1 1/3 stops in each direction, which is my standard when hand holding the camera.

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Mark said...

Beau, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

I think this shot is a really good example of 'seeing.' I think the number of photographers that would see this image in a crowded shopping plaza are probably quite few.

Beau A.C. Harbin said...

Thanks Mark. I really enjoy your blog. I think I found for me that my best "seeing" comes when I am being slow and deliberate. I was just sitting in the car staring at the store. I had nothing to do and no where to go so I could just look, even though I was not really looking to take a picture.