Monday, November 17, 2008

Lake Como Road Barn in Storm

On Sunday I went up to Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge to attend a small nature photography seminar. The weather was a bit gloomy with snow showers predicted for the afternoon and evening (in fact all this week). As I got up out of town, I noticed the clouds breaking up in places. I stopped along the way to catch some images of sun dappled landscapes with interesting clouds flying by. As I came down a long hill into Cayuga County, I noticed this barn up the next hill. The sun was setting it aglow, and I knew I had to try to get some shots. As I pulled over and got my camera out, the clouds rolled past and blocked the sun. So I waited. In weather like this I knew I would only have to wait a little while. I kept watch further up the hill and watched as the next opening slid over and took my images. I was able to get a few different versions as I waited for each new opening.

I love weather like this. Bright subject in sunlight with dark brooding clouds behind. Things always seem to be at the crispest during those times.

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Anita Jesse said...

Outstanding. The sky is a perfect foil for the barn.

Did you combine three exposures for this one?

Beau A.C. Harbin said...

Thanks Anita. I agree, I love that kind of contrast, dark and light. Blue and gold. Yes as with most of my HDR images it is a combination of 3 separately exposed pictures. I use Photomatix Pro to combine and process them.

Anita Jesse said...

Did you find the HDR in CS3inadequate? I haven't gotten into it beyond a five minute half-hearted trial run one time. Then, I put the idea in the back of my mind for a rainy day experiment and haven't gotten back to it yet.

Beau A.C. Harbin said...

To be honest I have not playing around with it very much. But I have seen some things by Jeff Revell who uses Photoshop HDR to get the images lined up well and then processes in Photomatix. So I am going to play around a bit with this. But from what I have read and seen it appears that most people use Photomatix for their processing. Hopefully Adobe will beef up their HDR stuff or buy and incorporate the Photomatix stuff.