Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Grave of Brig. Gen. Babcock

"Brvt. Brig. Gen. Willoughby Babcock Wounded at the Battle of Wincester, VA., Sept 19, 1864, Died Oct. 6, AE 32 Y'rs."

Gen. Babcock is buried in Glenwood Cemetery in Homer, NY, which is only a few miles from my house. I was taken aback by the sense of connection that I had with him when I saw his grave. Here was a man who was born and is buried near where I live. I have been to the place where he met his fate at the battlefield near Winchester, not too far from where I lived in NoVA. Stumbling upon his grave near my new home connected me to this far off place and time again. I know how far Winchester is from here and how far the Civil War is from our time. The distance he had traveled from his family and the years that have passed since his life were clear to me.

So in the end, on this our Veteran's Day, I wanted to post an image that shows my appreciation for the veteran's of our country. I know how far they go and how long they have travelled.

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Anita Jesse said...

What a beautiful post. I was feeling a full heart this morning—thinking about Veteran's Day and regretting that I had not found a way to express my feelings. Thank you for this one.

panurgette said...

Very nice. It would be interesting to see if you have any common ancestors.

Beau A.C. Harbin said...

Thanks very much for the comments. It is funny how you can just end up in the right place at times. I had no idea I would come across this grave or find this connection. I guess this is why I like going out and exploring places.