Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Frosty Field at Dawn

On Sunday, I got up early and decided to head up to Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge, which is about an hour from the house. That morning it was 24 degrees out when I left and a heavy frost had settled over the area. As I drove down the road out of town, I noticed this farm covered in frost with the Sun just beginning to illuminate the pasture. I turned around and came back to take some shots. In VA we never really seemed to get frost like this or if we did it did not linger very long.

In looking more at this image and thinking about why I came back, I have to say I was drawn by the light to start with. But later, I began to see some patterns which were interesting:

  • The three bands in the various grounds of the image, white close in, green and gold in the middle and dark in the back.
  • The feeling of cold and the crunch of the frost on the trees and grass close in.
  • The golden line of grass running across the pasture that is just lit up by the Sun. But the Sun is not yet high enough to brighten the field to the right.
  • The random and yet full pattern of hay bales around the pasture.
Anyway, just something that catch my eye when I look into the image more closely. There are something that I am not completely happy with either, lack of sharpness throughout given the f stop I had to use for one (should have gotten out the tripod). The white sky through the trees on the left for another. But all in all, I like it and will have to go back by the field again. Likely though the hay bales will be gone, which is why you sometimes just have to get the shot now and not wait.

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