Monday, November 10, 2008

Cemetery Fence at Dawn

Willow Glen Cemetery, outside of Dryden, has a beautiful ornate Victorian entrance and front fence. I stopped by one morning to get some images, as it was one of the first places I put on my list when we came up here. The fall colors and the red fence seemed to work very well together.

Just this weekend though we drove by here, and, much to my horror, someone had cut down the tree in the right of the image by the big post. Someone had cut down another tree in the same position but on the other side of the driveway. These trees must have been 75-100 years old given their size. They both seemed very healthy because they were full of leaves. It is really too bad. I wish I knew why.

I will never again be able to take this picture or enjoy the scene like it is here. Just goes to show - take the picture now and don't wait. You never know what might change.

Thanks for stopping by.

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