Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Barn in the Wind

This barn is outside Culpeper, VA along Zachary Taylor Highway (Rt 522). There is a bend in the road there with some great scenery, and I always stop when going to my parents house who live down near Louisa. On Sunday, I went down for a visit and even though the wind was blowing something fierce, I pulled over to take some images of the barn. I loved the clouds and the deep blue sky. This is an HDR image processed in Photomatix and then imported into Lightroom to have one of Matt Kloskowski's lightroom presets applied (Matt's Midnight Effect). Some further tweaking and cropping got me to where I was happy with it. I debated about the top of the crop, should I or should I not include the clouds in the upper corners? Should this just be blue sky? I decided to give it a bit of cloud to help hold the corners. Not completely convinced though. Thanks for stopping by.

(Where was this taken?)


Shawn said...

Great shot! The color in the sky is wonderful!

Herbert Wong said...

Yes agredd- beautiful clouds & sky.

Beau A.C. Harbin said...

Thank very much for your comments. The sky was great that day. The wind was a killer but if you were inside looking out it was one of the nicest days in the past few months. Thanks for stopping by.