Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Waterproof Boot

Sometimes you find the oddest things just walking around and looking at what is around you. I was out get one of my photo driving tours of Loundon County this Sunday (needed to get out and shoot some since the past few months have been pretty dry creatively). I was at the Point of Rocks Bridge over the Potomac and happened up on this boot sitting on the shore. It is a beautiful spot and is pretty free of trash, except for this boot. Got me thinking again (I know a boot is just a boot, it is trash). Still, why is this boot here? Where is the other one (I always think that when I see a shoe on the side of the road).

Then I thought "how should I shoot this?" I could just take a picture looking down at the boot but that would be too mundane. That would be me looking at the boot. So I decided to try a few different angles of the area from the boot's point of view. I opted not to lay down in the mud so I put my camera down in the leaves and played around with the angles, orientation, framing, etc. A bit of guess work, but I liked the results. I have a few others I like that I will probably post. The one thing I would do differently upon reflection would have been to pull out my flash a pop a bit of light on the boot, just to help bring it out a bit more.

Anyway, it was good to get the ol' juices flowing again. I found a neat old cemetery too that I will be posting about a bit later. Thanks for stopping by, and sorry about the delay in postings.

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