Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Speeding Monument

I have been recently shooting more images while I drive (no not looking through the viewfinder). Mainly just pointing and shooting as I pass something interesting. Often the image is crooked or just plain unusable. But sometimes I get lucky. I am posting this because A Jesse has recently blogged about her doing the same thing, so I wanted to share some of my results.
This is taken in the spring. The daffodils (the yellow streaks) are in bloom, but the trees are still bar. Clearly the Washington Monument and Old Post Office are in the background. I like the effect of movement in the foreground with the trees and daffodils streaking by, while the background remains still.

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A Jesse said...

We can't seem to help ourselves, can we, Beau? Thanks for sharing your example of this type of wacky photography and assuring me that I am not the only one engaging in the madness.