Sunday, September 16, 2007

Secure Spring

One morning early this spring we had a snow shower. This is just after the daffodils had gone into bloom. Along the George Washington Memorial Parkway, there are lots of areas where they have planted fields of daffodils, so I was interested in getting shots of the snow covered daffodils. While I was down by the Potomac, I started taking shots of the Washington Monument, the river and the daffodils. Joggers and rowers came by regularly which helped to give the shots the extra something they needed. But when the police boat came by, I felt that really added what I was looking for.
To me, the security forces on a beautiful spring day clearly represents Washington DC in the current age. Something about our inability to let down our guard even for a moment, even when you stop to smell the flowers. That is really just too bad.

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