Sunday, September 2, 2007

San Francisco de Asis

The Church of San Francisco de Asis in Ranchos de Taos is one of the most photographed adobe churches in New Mexico. I have seen pictures of it done by the heavyweights of photography, such as Ansel Adams. So when we went to visit my mother in law, who live only a few miles from the church, I was determined to try to find something that was different.
I got up very early in the morning and was there just as the light was hitting the church. Beautiful. I have a lot of pictures that I was pleased with that morning. Here is the first. I really like it because it presents a view I had seen done only one other time. I felt that this was unique and different in that the statute and bell towers were lit but the main front of the church was left in shadow. I think this helps to separate the statue and to give a nice outline to the church itself.

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i nnnnnneeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddd more pics