Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I happened upon an interesting idea (at least interesting to me) that I am going to explore a bit more. I was out playing with the kids this weekend, and we were kicking around the soccer ball (they are taking a Lil Kickers class). I started throwing the ball up in the air and as it had a highly reflective surface and the sun was setting, it was catching the light and looked very neat. So I ran inside and grabbed my camera (of course). Then I began to experiment with throwing the ball up in the air and taking pictures of it. Lots of weird angles, bad shots, bad backgrounds, near hits to the lens, etc. But the idea was interesting. With the lens on wide angle, the ball did not have to go very high to make it look very small (but the more hang time you have the more shots you can take per throw). The few things I figured out that I want to work a bit more on were: 1) find an even more reflective ball so that I can potentially see more of the surroundings and 2) work on getting a nice background.

Sometimes you just have to play and experiment to see things a bit differently. Hanging out with the kids really opens my eyes at times to things my adult brain might not have thought about.

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