Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Blue World

I am going to stay with abstracts for another day. To me this shot is a lesson in getting beyond the literal in my images. When I took this shot, I was focused on the details of the cracks and layers of paint. In other words, I knew what this was an image of and that is what I saw it as. However, when I presented it for critique in a class I was taking, the first thing the instructor said was "looks like a world." Of course it does. Separated from my own literal expectations when I took it, the image stands as something else or even many "something-elses" to others. This episode taught me that I need to look beyond the literal and let go of my own expectations. Even in abstracts I was getting caught up in "what is it."

So as for yesterday's abstract image. If you are interested, it is the wing of a bronze crane statue at the National Japanese American Memorial in Washington D.C. I love how the feathers flow like golden waves.

(Where was this taken?)

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