Saturday, August 25, 2007

"The Three Soldiers"

This is my first blog entry of my own personal images. I have resolved this year (year defined by my photo club's calendar year starting in September) to put myself out there more with my photography. I have been taking pictures but have not been sharing pictures. Maybe that was because my photography was a personal creative outlet; maybe it was just fear. Fear can be a trap. Thus I am resolved to do more to try to get what I like out there, come what may - good or bad.

So anyway, here is my first posting of an image that I have taken recently. This is from the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial down on The National Mall in Washington, DC. I was out shooting there in the evening after a rain shower. I was drawn to this spot and this image because of the rain. It was hot and muggy, and I could almost imagine the feeling of stepping out of a jungle with sweat pouring off my face. The image of this soldier to me captured that feeling.

(Where was this taken?)

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